Rainbow Center provides therapeutic equestrian activities to individuals with physical and mental challenges.

After the first week of lessons, I received a note from a mom whose son is on the autism spectrum. He is 11 years old, has difficulty with empathy, attention and mood swings. She wrote in part "We're wondering if we've hit the nail on the head finally with something that works; we haven't had any problems with our son today. He has listened, stayed on task, we've seen very few moments of impulsivity and other behavioral issues, and he's been low-key and able to focus. I cried when I saw all the pictures! Our son looked so happy, and my husband believes we may have finally found something he could really be good at. In all my frustrations, I forgot how to laugh. I feel like I hove some hope again. We are still swimming upstream against a very strong current. Thank you for helping us find this hope".

That is why we do what we do every day!!! We love giving children and familes hope again!!!!


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