I love my job. Who says that?!? Even if it weren't my job, I would raise money in support of our mission: Dance is for Everyone!

I started dancing in second grade because I wanted to be a ballerina. The teacher at the dance studio where my mom took me insisted I'd be better off starting with tap. (And she just happened to be a tap teacher... how convenient.) Tap got me interested in jazz which got me interested in lyrical and then back to ballet, my original interest.

Fast forward 30 years and I'm still at it: a little tap here, a little samba there, a lot of modern everywhere. I'm not great, but it doesn't matter, because I love it. What makes Joy of Motion so special to me is how it welcomes dancers just like me and just like you. Our students are all colors and sizes and shapes and ages and backgrounds. And they feel like they belong here, because they do. Because here, Dance is for Everyone.

And that's why I love my job. Fundraising to share the joys that dancing has given me all these years is, even in the middle of a recession, a great source of pride and JOY for me.

Super Special Incentive #1: I am matching every gift to Polly's Pride and JOY dollar for dollar, up to $250. So your gift will have double the impact! That's twice as many dancing girls!

Super Special Incentive #2: All donors to Polly's Pride and JOY will get exclusive access to the video documentation of my debut performance as an amateur hip hop dancer. That's right - this kid, in her Adidas, doing the Funky Guitar. Totally worth it.

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