Educating Congress on energy efficiency and renewable energy and advancing innovative policy solutions!

Help us find practical ways today to confront climate change and advance renewable energy. Since 1984 we’ve brought diverse constituencies together to find innovative solutions.

EESI educates Congress and other stakeholders on science, technology, and policy options to confront climate change, promote clean energy and transportation, and foster sustainable communities. EESI builds diverse networks and coalitions to develop innovative policy solutions. EESI was founded by a bipartisan group of members of Congress in 1984. Now an independent nonprofit that receives no Congressional funding, EESI believes that, by working together, we can reach our mutual goals: a strong, energy-efficient economy, solutions to climate change, and sustainable communities.

Ellie W. raved about EESI on (the Yelp of nonprofits), saying that “as a climate activist, I find EESI's Climate News indispensable for my work. I do a lot of publicity for climate abatement, and I quote new and valuable information from CN every time I present. I also post news from CN on my community's ‘Climate’ bulletin board and update it every week. In short, it's an invaluable resource.”

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