The Accokeek Foundation serves as an outdoor classroom for educational programs, research, agricultural, and conservation projects.

Founded in 1957 to protect the view from George Washington’s Mount Vernon across the Potomac River, the Accokeek Foundation was one of the nation’s first land trusts. The Foundation continues land conservation efforts to ensure continued protection of the viewshed and working landscapes.

The Foundation also manages the National Colonial Farm, a living history museum established in 1958 which depicts a Maryland middling family farm on the eve of the American Revolution. Through heritage breed livestock and seed saving programs, nearly extinct heirloom crops and animals are preserved for future generations.

The Center for Agricultural and Environmental Stewardship was created in 2008 to teach and inspire people to use principles and practices of sustainability in agriculture and everyday life. The CAES offers workshops, field days, presentations, community forums, and guided tours covering topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to green living, environmental science, and local food.

Established in 1991, the Foundation’s organic Ecosystem Farm emphasizes the future of agriculture as farmers learn the tools of a new trade and practice sustainable use of natural resources.


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